Managing Social Anxiety in Your Twenties

Fortnightly online group therapy program

Experiencing social anxiety in your 20's can be really tough. It's a tumultuous transition time anyway; for making mistakes, exploring identity, making connections, exploring relationships and building a life that fits! This can be hard to do if anxiety is getting in your way and you are stuck in a 'comfort zone'. Join us at Axis Clinic to explore these themes with others at a similar stage, facilitated by an experienced therapist.

What's covered in this online group

    1. Welcome

    2. Finding your way around

    1. Welcome to week 1

    2. House keeping : Group Agreement

    3. What is social anxiety?

    4. Why is social anxiety extra hard as an adult

    5. Group Goals

    6. Week 1: Homework Activity

    7. Bonus Content: Brent Brown 'The Power of Vulnerability'

    1. Welcome to week 2

    2. Understanding our physiological response to social anxiety

    3. What you resist persists

    4. Bonus Content: Resources to help calm down your nervous system

    5. Week 2: Homework Activity

    6. Free download: Guided Body Scan Meditation

    1. Welcome to week 3

    2. Identifying Fears & Control Strategies

    3. Defusion Techniques

    4. Handout: Defusion Techniques

    5. Week 3: Homework Activity

    1. Welcome to week 4

    2. Values vs Goals

    3. Uncovering our values and setting goals

    4. Week 4: Homework Activity

    1. Welcome to week 5!

    2. Willingness

    3. Taking the Willingness Stance

    4. Bonus Content

    5. You've completed this group program!

About this group program

  • $200.00 first payment, $75.00 / 2 weeks onwards
  • Initial 1hr personal sensory assessment and intake session with our Mental Health Social Worker: $200.00
  • Fortnightly group fee: $75.00
  • February/March 2024

What this group program will explore

  • Moving out of your comfort zone

    Learning skills & strategies to help you move out of you comfort zone

  • Understanding and coping with growth

    Understanding and coping with growth, mistakes, set backs and the importance of this.

  • Build a sense of resilience

    A sense of resilience and feel supported to step out into life and try out experiences

Meet your therapist, Anna.

Accredited Mental Health Social Worker

Anna (she/her) is a therapist at Axis Clinic in Brisbane and an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker. She has extensive experience running inpatient and outpatient mental health group programs, focussing on daily living skills, gender affirmation, trauma, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and social skills.

Anna creates a safe and supportive environment for participants to develop and practice their social skills and offer peer-led support to one another. Anna is a big believer in group therapy because it helps participants to realise they are not alone. There are other people who have the same struggles and concerns. The dynamics of a group often mirror those of home life, and learning how to interact with other participants can help with relationships outside the group.

Anna is also passionate about sensory modulation and she interweaves this into the program, encouraging participants to use calming sensory input to manage the hypersensitivity and physiological arousal associated with social anxiety.

Anna currently sees individual clients via Telehealth. Contact us to book an appointment.

To learn more about Anna, visit our clinic website.

Key Dates

  • Intake from February 2024

  • Weekly sessions two weeks after all intakes finished

Your sensory profile

Take part in a private intake assessment with your therapist where you can begin to understand your sensory profile.

  • What happens in the intake assessment?

    The intake assessment is an opportunity for us to get to know each other. It’s a chance for you to ask questions and to talk about your experiences of being in group settings. There will be time for problem solving any concerns you have about being in a group environment and a focus on tapping into your innate coping strategies and natural support system.

  • What is sensory processing?

    Sensory processing refers to the way we take in and use information from our senses, including touch, hearing, taste, smell, movement and balance. We all receive and use sensory information differently; it is a very individual experience.

  • Understanding your sensory profile

    Evidence suggests that individuals with social anxiety report higher levels of sensory-processing sensitivity. When a person is calm and alert (because their sensory needs have been met), they are ready to learn and interact with others. Within the intake assessment, the therapist will help you develop your own unique sensory diet. Developing an understanding of your sensory thresholds will allow you to adapt your environment to meet your needs. This will prevent overstimulation and allow you to focus on what’s important to you, whether it’s joining a mother’s group, going to university, making friends or entering the workforce.

Seeking Support

We're here to listen when you need us

Most of our courses are designed to be general in nature and are not a substitute for individualised therapy, diagnosis or consultation with a mental health professional. If you are going through a difficult time and feel that you need to reach out to someone for support, we recommend seeking help from a qualified mental health professional. To book an appointment with a clinician in one of our Brisbane clinics, please contact us.
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