Dialectical Behaviour Therapy Skills and Support Program

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Axis Clinic is pleased to be taking applications for our online Dialectical Behaviour Therapy skills and support program. Join our program led by experienced DBT therapists where you can learn skills to manage intense emotions, cope with distress, cultivate healthy relationships, break negative patterns.

Managing Social Anxiety in Your Twenties

Online, Fortnightly | Next group starting March/April 2024

Experiencing social anxiety in your 20's can be really tough. It's a tumultuous transition time anyway; for making mistakes, exploring identity, making connections, exploring relationships and building a life that fits! This can be hard to do if anxiety is getting in your way and you are stuck in a 'comfort zone'. Join us at Axis Clinic (online or in the clinic) to explore these themes with others at a similar stage, facilitated by an experienced therapist.

Understanding and Supporting Parents with Adolescent Self-Injury

Axis Clinic New Farm | Next Workshop March/April 2024

Adolescence is a period of big changes, new feelings and heightened emotions that in some cases can lead to teenagers turning to coping strategies like self-injury. This can be a tough time for their family and understanding how to support them can be difficult. We know that parents and caregivers play the powerful role of being able to prompt and demonstrate helpful coping skills at home but we also acknowledge that it can be hard to do this without resources or support. Share & learn together in a supportive group environment led by experienced therapists.

Overcoming negative self-talk and learning self-compassion

Online | Next group starting March 2024

We all experience negative self-thoughts from time to time, however for some, it can start to feel like a way of being. It becomes all-consuming and overwhelming, and this can cause feelings of distress or shame. We know this alone can increase a person’s risk of depression, anxiety or low self-esteem, and that’s why we think learning to practice self-compassion is so important. Axis Clinic would like to invite those who may sometimes struggle with critical thoughts to join this group therapy program led by an experienced and compassionate therapist.

Group for Carers Supporting an Adult with Mental Illness

Online | Open for expressions of interest

Supporting a loved one through mental illness, especially an adult child with severe or chronic illness or suicide risk, can be hard, with lots of worry and conflicting emotions – often the caregiver’s emotions are forgotten or not prioritised. Here at Axis, we understand the role of a carer and supporter can be challenging and exhausting at times. The caregiver role often extends far into adulthood. We understand the difficulties that arise with this, including feeling isolated or cut off from others, worrying about our child or friend’s wellbeing, grief and feeling misunderstood by others.

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Most of our courses are designed to be general in nature and are not a substitute for individualised therapy, diagnosis or consultation with a mental health professional. If you are going through a difficult time and feel that you need to reach out to someone for support, we recommend seeking help from a qualified mental health professional. To book an appointment with a clinician in one of our Brisbane clinics, please contact us.

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