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Meet your host, Anna Lanyon

Accredited Mental Health Social Worker

Anna has worked in clinical mental health for the past decade across acute, sub-acute and forensic mental health settings in Melbourne, Victoria.

She has experience in leading groups, in work with individuals and research. Anna has a particular interest in emotion dysregulation, sleep difficulties, psychosis, complex trauma, interpersonal communication skills, family work and anxiety.

Anna draws on a range of modalities including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Positive Psychology and Sensory Modulation. Her practice is informed by both the Recovery and Biopsychosocial models.

Anna is warm and non-judgmental and approaches her work with an open-mind and empathy. She encourages collaboration and skill building so that individuals walk away with confidence in their own ability to manage distress and adversity.

Anna currently sees individual clients and couples via Telehealth appointments. Contact us to book an appointment.

To learn more about Anna's  approach, visit our clinic website. www.axisclinic.com.au

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Axis Clinic is located in the Brisbane suburbs of New Farm and Annerley. We are a collaborative team of Psychologists, Mental Health Social Workers, Dietitians and Psychiatrists

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